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CBSE Class 12th Biology Examination : Last Minute Preparation Tips

NEW DELHI: CBSE will conduct Biology examination for class 12 students on 27 March 2018. A major subject for science students, Biology, can fetch good marks only if important factors like labelling the diagrams and good presentation of answers are taken seriously. Usually questions are asked directly from the NCERT textbooks, therefore students should mainly focus on presentation part. Sample papers should be practiced thoroughly and students should not miss the marking scheme. Here are few preparation tips based on previous year’s question paper that will help students to prepare for the exam, better.

A question seeking a big elaborative answer can be reduced to a simple explanatory one with the help of a diagram. Moreover diagrams with proper labels carry marks as well. Therefore students should be extra careful with drawing diagrams neatly.

Since there’s lot many things to do apart from writing the answers (like drawing diagrams), students should learn how to answer precisely. ‘Do not extend your answer too much in 1 markers and 2 markers questions. While answering 3 markers and 5 markers make sure to incorporate diagram if needed and write theory in points,’ says Rupali Saini, a biology teacher.

Giving details on the most difficult areas, the teacher advises students to revise Genetics and Biotechnology thoroughly, as they are a little bit difficult for students. ‘Chapters like Reproduction, Ecology and Human Welfare carry 14 marks each, therefore should not miss a even a minor detail; moreover these chapters carry tricky questions,’ she further added.

In CBSE biology exam 2017, there were no questions based on diagrams which were totally unusual. Though it was a balanced question paper, there was a huge uproar over a question on ‘bury not burn’, related to air pollution. The question which supposedly irked the sentiments of many was shared on social media immediately after the exam