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Evaluation of children from first to 7th in grading now

Now evaluation of children from first to seventh grade will also be according to grading. This grading will be based solely on CBSE’s lines. In this regard, instructions have been issued to all the districts on behalf of the Jharkhand Educational Research and Training Council (JCERT). Under this, questions will be sent to each district from the state. Based on these questions, children will be evaluated. The first and second children will be evaluated on the basis of oral questions. These questions have been prepared by experienced teachers and department officials. There are a total of 46,630 primary schools across the state.

Evaluation in each class differently, The evaluation work of every subject in the third to fifth grade will be 60 points. It will include objective, small scale and long answer questions. Assessment of Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit and English for children between 6th to 7th will be 60 points whereas social science, science and mathematics will be evaluated by 50 points.In this, 10 number of students will be done on the basis of the project.

Students will be divided into four categories Depending on the evaluation, the children will be divided into four categories. A, B, C and D It will be divided between 0-24, 25-36, 37-48 and 49-60 marks respectively. With this, different sections will be divided into three categories. These are divided into first and second, third to fifth and sixth-seventh.

No student will fail or punish, JCERT has given clear instructions to all the District Education Officers that no student will fail in this and no punishment will be given to anyone. Weak students will be identified from the evaluation. According to their performance, special attention will be given in the next class. Special classes will be arranged for them from special class.