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Important changes made by CBSE in the 9th and 11th courses, CLICK to know what changed

New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced the completion of several academic and vocational subjects from the new session in the 10th and 12th. The Director of CBSE, Director Sadam Bhardwaj issued instructions to all the schools in this regard. The instruction issued by the CBSE director has said that some academic and vocational topics are being terminated. Therefore, do not offer this course to schools 9th and 11th. Students who have taken this can continue them in the 10th and 12th years. Apart from this, it has been stated in the order that the names of certain subjects have also been changed from this session.

CBSE has made changes in 9th course
According to the order, the subject of English Communication, Information and Communication Technology, e-publishing and e-office in this class (2018-19) to 9th standard has been abolished. Apart from this, the name of Sanskrit Communication has been changed to Sanskrit. While in place of the Foundation of Information Technology, now computer subjects will be taught in the subject. According to the order, the codes of the subjects which have been changed have not been changed.

Curriculum changed for 11th
The same fluid has been abolished in the 11th, with the addition of English-language subjects, Dance-Mohiniattam, Multi Media Web Technology. It has been told in the order that two courses of computer science have been introduced this year. In the new course of computer science and the old course of computer science, schools have advised to select only one course.

Apart from this, schools have been advised in the order that if schools are studying computer science subjects then start with new curriculum. Apart from this, it is also mentioned that Computer Science teachers should be prepared according to the new curriculum as only the new course will be taught in the next year (2019-20).