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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-6

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit-6



Reading is Fun

1.Another word for wallop is________Would the child hit the donkey?

Ans. Another word for wallop is thrash. The child would not hit the donkey.

2.What would the child give the donkey?

Ans. The child would give hay and corn to the donkey.

3.What is a pony?

Ans. A baby horse.

4.What did the lady do to the pony?
(a) She took care of the pony.
(b) She whipped and lashed him.
(c) She sold the pony.

Ans.(b) She whipped and lashed him.

5.What did the child decide to do?
(a) To lend the pony again to the lady.
(b) To never lend the pony to the lady again.
(c) To give the pony to the lady.

Ans. (b) To never lend the pony to the lady again.

Let’s Talk

1. Have you seen people beating animals? What do you think of such people?

Ans. Yes, I have seen people beating animals. Such people, so far I think, are without emotions. They can’t feel the animals’ pain.

2. Do you ever tease animals? Do you think that you should be kind to them?

Ans. No, I never tease animals. I think that I should be very kind to them.

3. Tell your friends about some unusual pets that you have seen?

Ans. Some unusual pets that I have seen are – bear, monkey, squirrel, rabbit etc.

Word Building

1. Stable – Where can we find a stable?

Ans. We can find a stable in a large farmhouse.

2. Name all the animals that live in a stable.

Ans. Horse and mare.

3. Make two words from ‘stable’ by removing letters from the beginning.

Ans. Table able.

Let’s Write

1. Write a paragraph about your pet or an animal you love.

Ans. I have a pet dog. We call it Tuffy. It is black in colour. Its hair is soft and bright. It likes to eat bones. I take good care of it. I play with it. My Tuffy loves me very much.

2. Fill in the blanks with words that rhyme with.
corn____ no____ mire____

Ans. corn horn no so mire hire.


The monkey is in a cage.
A boy looks at the monkey.
He gives it a sweet.
The monkey opens the paper. There is a stone inside.
The poor monkey is sad.
Cruel boy!

Are these sentences Right (Right) or Wrong (Wrong)?


Reading is Fun

1.Why did the cow refuse to get up?

Ans.The cow refused to get up because it was in a bad mood.

2.Name those who tried to make the cow move?

Ans. Milkman, policeman, grocer, ice-cream man, wrestler and a little boy.

3.Who finally made the cow get up and how?

Ans. A little boy finally made the cow get up. He gave the cow a bundle of green grass.
The cow immediately got up and began to chew the grass. The boy then led her
(the cow) to the side.

Let’s Talk

2.We can make people do more things with kindness than with cruelty or force. Do you agree? What do you think? Tell the class about a time when you were kind to an animal.

Ans.I agree that we can make people do more things with kindness than with cruelty or force. This is what we see in the lesson. What to talk of humans even animals
follow the language of love and kindness.
Once I was going to my friend’s house when I saw an injured puppy. I picked it up and brought to my house. I washed the wound and wrapped a bandage around it. I gave it bread and milk and kept it at my house for three days.

3.Do you do an action always in the same way?
(а) How do you talk to visitors?
(b) How do you talk to your friends in the playground?
(c) How do you talk to your teacher in the class?

Ans.(а) I talk to visitors politely.
(b) 1 talk to my friends in a friendly manner.
(c) I talk to my teacher very respectfully.

Word Building

1.Circle the words that describe the boy.

2.Fill in the blanks using the word given at the end of the sentences.

Let’s Write

1. From the story, The Milkman’s Cow finds the simple past tense of the action words given below and write them in the blanks. One has been done for you.


Read and Enjoy

Here is a limerick to make you laugh.

There was an old man who said, “How Shall I flee from that horrible cow?
I will sit on the stile,
And continue to smile,

Which may soften the heart of the cow”.

1. Do you think if the man smiles at the angry cow she will be kind to him?

Ans. I don’t think like this. The cow looks angry and a simple smile can do nothing.

Fun Time

1. Complete what is missing in these drawings. What work do these men or women do?

Ans. A milkman sells milk

A grocer deals in food and house hold provisions.

A policeman catches thieves and maintains law and order.

An ice- cream man sells ice-cream

A wrestler takes part in the sport of wrestling.

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