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Students Write To CBSE, Give Us Break Between Examination

No considerable gap between Class XII CBSE Examination has raised the anxiety levels of students and teachers. Worried, many students from Ludhiana have written to Central Board of Secondary Education, requesting to revise the exam timetable.

The students who are most tense are those who belong to humanities and non-medical streams.

The teachers are worried about the students’ performance in the exam as students will get very little time to prepare before their physics and web technology exams.

Also there is little gap between psychology and political science; physical education and sociology; and legal studies and psychology, with the exams of each of the pairs falling on consecutive dates. Also, non-medical students will have a tough time with Joint Entrance Exam (mains) scheduled a day before their physical education paper.

On Wednesday, CBSE released the date sheet for Class X and XII students.

“Most of the exams have adequate gaps, but for some there are none, which is quite stressful. The datesheet of humanities stream has not been set appropriately,” says Ananya Gupta, student of Sacred Heart school, Sarabha Nagar.

“We don’t have a gap of even one day between some exams. How can CBSE prepare an exam schedule that does not have break? We don’t have enough time to revise. They should know the importance of these exams and the tough competition we face.