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Tips For Preparing a Study Plan/ Timetable For Board Examination 2018 To Manage Limited Gaps Between Important Examinations

Create a timetable and allot weighted time to each subject based on difficulty level and also the number of gap days available:

Now that the date sheet is out, students know exactly how many prep days they would get in the middle of the examinations for a particular subject. Accordingly, the revision timetable has to be altered to assign more time to subjects with lesser gap period than required.

Make short comprehensive quick notes for subjects with little or no time gap

Teachers advise students to make short quick notes for a subject with little or no time gap during the CBSE Board Examinations 2018. It is important, teachers remind, to make short a line long notes for the day before the examination that covers the entire syllabus. Students would have about 5 to 7 hours of prep time after examination for preparing for the next days examination. The best way to manage that time is to have line notes that would recall the important concepts and dates. Students should only refer to detailed notes for the topics they are not able to recall with short quick notes.

Prepare voice notes for important topics and hear them regularly

The technique is said to imprint the information in your brain, making it easier to recall. Also, students can listen to their voice notes even when they are taking a break from subjects. These voice notes would help them save time.

Paste placards or charts of important formula, dates and other small yet important pointers in the room in bold hand

This is a simple learning tool and very effective, shares a senior Physics teacher. Teacher suggests students should have all the important formula written by hand in bold and readable fonts on chart papers and pasted in the room. Casually looking at them while studying another subject would ensure that they are able to recall them with ease. Another teacher suggests using different colours for different placards/ charts as visual hints are easier to recall. Some can even cut out the chart papers in different shapes to create recall markers in the brain.

Focus on solving as many sample papers as you can for papers with lesser gaps

While the remaining 50 days or so must be fruitfully utilised, teachers have asked students to focus extensively on sample papers, especially for subjects with the lesser gap between the two. Following the sample test papers would help them focus on chapters that carry more marks and understand the pattern.


This is a tip shared by all the teachers, sending out a strong message for students to relax and not to stress. A senior teacher shared, “Not everything in life can be as per your requirements. That is life. It would have some hard turns. What is important is to relax, focus and prepare well. All would be fine.”

CBSE Class 12 board examinations start from March 5, 2018. The date sheet for CBSE class 10 and 12 board examination was released on January 10, 2018. Shorter gaps in many important subjects like Physics, Psychology, Political science, etc., has caused many students to complain. Teachers have also shared reports of anxious parents and students worrying about the lack of gap days and requests for revision. CBSE officials, however, have come on record to state that revision in CBSE Class 10 and 12 date sheet is highly unlikely.