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10 Coldest Cities In The United States

America’s Coldest Cities

Most of the harsh winter temperature conditions are experienced in December and January. Intense winter weather can have various harmful impacts on residents, including locking down roads, provoking misfortunes, and controlling the process of public conveyance.

Top 10 Coldest Cities in the United States

If you are thinking, what are the coldest cities in the United States? The ten coldest cities in the United States, founded on the lowest moderate temperature, are:

  1. Fairbanks, Alaska
  2. Grand Forks, North Dakota
  3. Williston, North Dakota
  4. Fargo, North Dakota
  5. Duluth, Minnesota
  6. Aberdeen, South Dakota
  7. St. Cloud, Minnesota
  8. Bismarck, North Dakota
  9. Marquette, Michigan
  10. Huron, South Dakota
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