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Moral Story : The Chameleon and The Lizard

The Chameleon and The Lizard Moral Story

A long time ago, a large number of lizards lived in a hole on the bank of a river. The lizards had a good wise king to rule over them. But the king had a son who was not good, and far from wise! The lizard prince was foolish and stubborn. He refused to take the good advice which his father often gave him.

Not far from where the lizards stayed, lived a young chameleon. One day the lizard prince met the chameleon. They took a great fancy to each other, and soon they became the best of friends. The lizard king did not approve of their friendship, though. He felt that the chameleon was not to be trusted. He feared that some day the chameleon might harm both his son and all his lizard subjects.

The lizard king, therefore, warned his son about this. He told him to break off with the chameleon. But the lizard prince would not listen. In spite of many warnings, he continued to meet the chameleon and be friendly with him.

As time passed, the lizard prince grew larger and larger. The chameleon continued to be of the same size. Noticing this difference, the chameleon said to himself: ‘This lizard is growing by the day. A time will come when he is likely to crush me to death. Before that happens, I must find a way to get rid of both him and all the other lizards.’

The chameleon waited for a chance to carry out his plan. One day, there came to a river bank a hunter and his dogs. At once the chameleon went up to the man and said: ‘Good sir, are you a hunter of lizards?’ ‘That I am!’ replied the hunter. ‘Then, kind sir, come with me! I will show you a place, where there are plenty of lizards for you to catch,’ offered the chameleon.

‘That is very kind of you,’ said the hunter, and he went at once with the chameleon.

The chameleon showed him the lizards’ home. The hunter promptly lit a fire. He soon smoked all the lizards out of their hole. As the lizards tried to escape, the hunter’s dogs fell on them, and soon killed them all.

Only the lizard king was lucky to get away. He was very sad to see his son and all his subjects die. But he realized, it was due to his son’s foolishness.

As for the chameleon, he was, of course, very glad that he had succeeded in what he had planned.

Moral: Avoid bad company which is always dangerous.