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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Main Course Book Chapter 10

Unit-4 : Solutions of Questions on Page Number : 73

Q1 : Now it is your turn .Write and produce your own radio programme. You will need to select your own content . The following are some ideas. You are free, of course, to add your own ideas. Remember, the programme must be in English.News stories: about people in your class, about school, about sports (school and local), about the local community 

Comedy: jokes, short playsInterviews: with teachers, with ex-students of your school, with a Class IX student who has recently done something very interesting Games: general knowledge quiz, panel game, word game Advertisements: for shops/ industries in the local community,things ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ by students Local sites: monuments/sites of historical importance and of tourist interest Special reports: e.g. safety at school, examination results, school uniform, school assemblies Interesting people: role-play interviews with film stars, sports personalities, TV personalities, etc. 
Entertainment reviews: music, films, videos, books, etc.
Songs with lyrics
Speeches on important personalities
Tele conference with students, teachers, experts.
Answer :
A model answer has been provided for students’ reference.
It is strongly recommended that students prepare the answer on their own
News Stories: about people in your class, about school,about sports (school and local),about the local community.
This is Class IX radio giving you the news. I am Shakshi. It is 8.30 a.m. First the headlines:
The results of this year’s half-yearly examination are out.
Rupesh of Class IX Sec C to represent the school in the All India Inter school debate competition.
Dr.A.K.Singh will be the new Vice Principal of our School.
The organising committee for organising Social Week constituted.
Shreyashi of Class IX Sec A made it to the finals of Saregama.
Annual Sports Day to be held on 12th December .
Now the News In Detail:
The results of this years half yearly examination of Class IX have been declared. Priya Sharma is the topper. She scored 99% marks. Out of 200 students, 115 got A grade, 75 students got B grade and 10 students got C grade. Shyamal Bose got the highest marks in Mathematics scoring 100%.The principal and the class teacher of Class IX advised the students to work smarter for the Annual Examination.
Rupesh of Class IX Sec C has been selected to represent our school in the All India Inter School Debate competition to be held at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi on 14th October, 2011. The motion of the Debate is ” The draft Lok Pal Bill Should make the Prime minister accountable to the Lokpal.” Rupesh has decided to speak in favour of the motion.
Dr.A.K.Singh will be the new vice principal of our School. He will take the place of Dr Lalitha Chaturvedi who retires this month. Dr A. K Singh is a phd in English Literature from Cambridge and worked in St George School as the head of the Department of English. He will assume charges on 1st October.
A five member committee has been constituted for organising the Social week this year. The committee will be headed by the Head of the department of Sports Mr Randhir Singh.
An interesting news for the music lovers and fans of Sheyasi of Class IX sec A. She made it to the finals of Saregama, a popular singing competition event in the TV. Her fans in our school are praying for her success in the final.
Annual Sports Day will be held on 15th of December 2011.The School management has given the approval for organising the Annual Sports Day. Traditional games like Kabbadi and khokho will be given priority.
The students of class ix organised a clean Yamuna Campaign on 1st September. All the students under the guidance of Dr.Vikas went to the banks of the Yamuna and cleaned the garbage. The effort was highly appreciated by the government authorities.
That’s all for now. Thanks for listening. Good day.
Entertainment reviews: Music,films,videos,books,etc
Music Album:
‘Call of the blue mountains’ is a collection of soulful music played on the violin by a budding violinist shaksham of Class IX sec B. The album produced and released by ABC Music has ten numbers based on the theme of nature. The album shows exquisite fusion of traditional raga music with modern day music like soft rock. The strings of the violin seems to fully echo the serenity and calm of the blue mountains of the Himalayas .The budding violinist has demonstrated extraordinary skill in playing the tunes set to different rhythms like kaherba, Dadra, waltz etc. The prelude and the interludes in each of the tunes are appropriate and commendable. The use of various tempos is remarkable. The fusion of folk song tunes of the Himalayan region with modern tunes is quite impressive. The music album is available in the library of our school. Price is Rs.100.
Documentary film:
E-learning: learning with fun” is a documentary film on e-learning scripted by Pryidarshini Mathur of Class XI Sec A. The ten minutes documentary film highlights the fun children experience in e- learning.
Priyadarshini Mathur shows how e-learning caters to the need of slow learners as well as smart learners. The documentary film employs interview method to bring home the fact that e-learning introduced in our school has made the class room an attractive place for the students. Students are able to learn contents of various subjects in tune with their learning style. The documentary film ,however, has few technical flaws in the use of special effects. There is a lack of synchronisation between the background music and the story line. However, as a debut documentary film of the budding film maker the film is worth viewing. The documentary film will be screened for the parents ,students and teachers of the school next Monday.
Book :
‘Summer Holidays’ penned by Sat