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North America – Geography

North America is the 3rd largest continent.  It is bordered to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, to the southeast by South America and the Caribbean Sea, to the west and south by the Pacific Ocean, and to the north by the Arctic Ocean. North America is dominated by its three largest countries which are:

  1. Canada,
  2. Mexico,
  3. and the United States.

The Caribbean and Central America are mainly considered part of North America. But they have their own section.

The population of Northern America

The current population of Northern America is 374,798,892 as of February 13, 2023.

Areas of North America

The total area of North America is approximately 24,709,000 square kilometers (9,540,000 square miles). This includes the area of the mainland, as well as the area of the islands belonging to the continent, such as Greenland and the Caribbean islands.

North America Region

North America can be divided into five physical regions, which are given below:

  1. the mountainous west
  2. the Canadian Shield
  3. the Great Plains
  4. the varied eastern region
  5. the Caribbean

Major Cities in North America

  1. Mexico City, Mexico
  2. New York City, United States
  3. Los Angeles, United States
  4. Toronto, Canada
  5. Chicago, United States
  6. Houston, United States
  7. Montreal, Canada
  8. Havana, Cuba
  9. Bogotá, Colombia
  10. Lima, Peru
  11. Guadalajara, Mexico
  12. Monterrey, Mexico
  13. Puebla, Mexico
  14. Tijuana, Mexico
  15. León, Mexico

This list is not exhaustive and there are many other cities in North America that could be considered major cities, depending on the criteria used.