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Pi (π): Value of pi

What is Pi (π)

The number π is the ratio between the circumference and the diameter on any given circle and always gives the same answer:


What is Pi

In any circle, dividing the circumference by the diameter is called  Pi (π)



It is known that π is not a rational number (quotient of two integers). Moreover, π is not algebraic over the rational number.

We can say that no polynomial with rational coefficients can have pi (π) as a root. Its irrationality means that its decimal expansion (or any integer base for that matter) is not finite nor periodic.

Value of pi(π )

Over human history there were many attempts to calculate this number precisely. One of the
oldest approximation value of pi(π ) is given below:

pi(π )= 3.14159265358…

Value of Pi (π) in Fractions

Pi (π) = 22/7