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Trigonometric Ratios (T-Ratios) – Definition, Formulas

There are 6 t-ratios ( trigonometric ratios) for right angle triangle are:

  • Sine(sin)
  • Cosecant(Cos)
  • Tangent(Tan)
  • Cosecant(Cos)
  • Secant(Sec)
  • Cotangent(Cot)

Trigonometry definition: It is that category of mathematics which deals with the measurement angles and the queries allied with angles.

Trigonometric Ratios

The ratios among separate sides of a right-angled triangle concerning its acute angles are called trigonometric ratios.

The different three sides of the right-angled triangle are:

  • Perpendicular (opposite side to the angle)
  • Hypotenuse (the longest side)
  • Base (Adjacent side to the angle)

How to Find Trigonometric Ratios?

Let ∠ BAC = θ be an acute angle of a right angled Δ ABC.

Trigonometric Ratios

In right-angled Δ ABC , let

AB = Base (B),

AC= Hypotenuse (H) and

BC = Perpendicular (P)

Find Trigonometric Ratios

Trigonometric Ratios Table of Some Specific Angles

Here is the table of trigonometric ratios for some given angles such as 0 °, 30 °, 45 °, 60 °, and 90°, that is mostly used in mathematical calculations.

Trigonometric Ratios Table

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