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Grade 1 Single Digit Division

Single digit division is the opposite of multiplication. The division symbol is denoted by ÷ For doing division one should understand all the tables. Here there are two digits, one is the dividend, and the other is the divisor.

Dividend: For 1st grade, it is greater than the divisor and it is the first digit before the division symbol. While taking the division this number is inside.

Divisor: This number is shorter than the dividend. It is after the division sign. While doing the division it is outside. The child should know the table of numbers that is outside.
The answer we get is that you have to write on the top.

Grade 1 Division Examples

Example1: 12 ÷ 6

Here 12 is a dividend and 6 is a divisor.

Grade 1 Division Examples

As the digit 6 is outside the division symbol, so say the table of 6 and hold it as you get the number 12 which is inside the division symbol.
6 x 1 = 6
6 x 2 = 12 ———-> stop
At the 2nd step, we got 12 so record 2 at the top and 12 under the inside 12.
Now subtract them so at the last we receive zero (0). This is the remainder.

Grade 1 Division

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