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Grade 1 Subtraction Without Borrowing

Grade 1 Subtraction

In this part, we will explain grade 1 subtraction without borrowing.

In subtraction, we require two digits. If the first digit is larger than the 2nd then we can subtract quickly, such subtraction is known as subtraction of a number without borrowing.
On the second hand, the subtraction is denoted by a minus (-) and we place this sign between the two numbers.

Grade 1 Subtraction Examples

Example 1:How many stars are in the below image? If there are 3 purple stars then how many are yellow stars?

Grade 1 Subtraction

Solution :

By counting the stars, we can say that there are a total of 8 stars.
Total stars = 8
Purple stars = 3
So, if we remove purple stars from the total we will get yellow stars.
Removing means subtraction.
8 – 3 = 5
Yellow stars = 5

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