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10 Largest Lakes In The US 2022

USA Lakes

The United States of America(USA) has some of the biggest lakes in the world, including the great lakes are the five largest lakes. All these lakes provide non-salty mineral-rich waters(freshwater) surrounding the USA. The lakes are ranked as reported by their water volume and surface area.

Largest Lakes In The US

Biggest Lakes In America 2022

Here is the list of the Largest Lakes in the U.S. according to their surface area!!

Rank Name Basin State Area (km2)
1 Lake Superior Michigan-Minnesota-Wisconsin-Ontario 82,103
2 Lake Huron Michigan-Ontario 59,570
3 Lake Michigan Illinois-Indiana-Michigan-Wisconsin 57,757
4 Lake Erie Michigan-New York-Ohio-Ontario-Pennsylvania 25,667
5 Lake Ontario New York-Ontario 19,011
6 Great Salt Lake (salt) Utah 5,483
7 Lake of the Woods Manitoba-Minnesota-Ontario 3,846
8 Iliamna Lake Alaska 2,626
9 Lake Oahe (man-made) North Dakota-South Dakota 1,774
10 Lake Okeechobee Florida 1,715

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