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What are the after effects of scraping Article 370

  1. Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh will become 2 different union territories.
  2. No independent state as such, they will be under control of Indian union government (central)
  3. Anyone in India can buy land/property in J&K and Ladakh.
  4. Indian constitution laws and rules applicable in this part.
  5. Dual citizenship will come to an end. If Kashmiri person marries Indian then his/her Kashmiri citizenship will come to end he/she will only be Indian citizen but if married to Pakistani citizen then he/she will have Pakistani as well as Kashmiri citizenship. This will come to end…. They(Kashmiris) will not have 2 citizenships only one Indian citizenship.
  6. Terrorism will come under control, since all of the decisions will taken by central government (including defence).
  7. No more special status will be given to state.
  8. People in JK who used to support PAK and terrorism will have bleak chances to do the same.
  9. Pakistan will think before entering in premises of our territories.
  10. China’s attitude and forcefully taking others land and building their construction will have restrictions.
  11. There will be Vidhan Sabha/Lok Sabha elections.
  12. No more corruptions in JK.
  13. Industrialization will increase, many people will get jobs.
  14. International issue letigation will be reduced.
  15. Development will be initiated.
  16. Government will have control over it.
  17. People will have more rights.
  18. Amit Shah will become powerful in county BJP will be elected in 2024.
  19. Ram Mandir will be next target.
  20. 17% of the total economy of India (one year) was spend only on KASHMIR… suppose 100 is the total budget 17 was spent only on Kashmir rest 83 for nation…just imagine only 5% was on nations education. The JK govt people used to take much amount from Indian government but never spent even 20% of it. This was the corruption. The profit generated from tourist (JK) was never received by central government.

Today we’ve reclaimed J&K. Tomorrow we’ll take Balochistan, PoK, Askai as well

We welcome the BOLD and HISTORIC decision taken by NARENDRA MODI Government with regard to J&K…