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Line – Definition with Examples

What Is a Line in Math?

A line is usually defined by two point. A geometrical Line  object that is straight line, infinitely thin and infinitely long.


Types of Line:-

There are five types of line which is given below:

1. Horizontal Line :- 

A horizontal line is a straight line that mapped from right-to-left and left-to-right. A vertical line is always perpendicular to the horizontal line.


2.Vertical Line :-

A vertical line is a always a straight line from top to bottom or bottom to top. Also we can  say, a line parallel to the Y-axis is called Vertical line.


Let’s look at some real-life vertical line examples:

1. All trees standing upright

Vertical Line Example

2. Legs of a table

legs of a table.

3.Intersecting Lines :-

The intersecting lines share a common point.When 2 more lines cross each other in a plane are called intersecting lines.

Intersecting Lines

4.Perpendicular Lines :-

The perpendicular Lines Two distinct line each other  90°, a right angel is the perpendicular line is a very simple process is called Perpendicular Lines.


5.Parallel Lines :-

Parallel Line are straight lines are two more line same plane that are to equal distance.They can be horizontal and vertical. For example zebra crossing,railway tracks.

Parllerl line