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Dot Plots

What Is a Dot Plot?

A dot plot, also commonly known as a strip plot or dot chart, helps in data visualization. It is used to describe any data in a dot or small circle on a diagram with an x- and y-axis. Dot plots are not used to represent large numbers of data. So we can say that it is very useful to define a small quantity of data.

A dot plot is relevant to an understandable histogram or a bar graph as the x- and y-axis of the bar created among dots denotes the statistical value of each variable.

In others words “a dot plot is a graphical representation of data applying dots.

How to Make a Dot Plot?

While creating a dot chart, data points are stacked in a column over a category. The height of the column indicates the number of observations in a given category. The categories of the dot diagram given here are the numbers from 0 to 6, where 0, and 1 occur four times, 2 occurs five times, 3 and 4 occur six times, 5 occurs 2 times, and 6 occurs 4 times.

Dot Diagram

Types of Dot Plot

A dot plot is divided mainly into two types of dot diagram which is given below:

  • Wilkinson dot plot
  • Cleveland dot plot.