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Obtuse Angle

What is obtuse Angle?

Any angle that is more than 90° but less than 180° is called an obtuse angle. See the below images:

For example:

Obtuse Angles

Obtuse Angle Examples

See the image: A angle that is between the 90° to 180° is called the obtuse angle, while another side angle is called the Reflex angle.

 more examples of obtuse angle

Real life examples of obtuse angles

Hand fans

Given below an image, which type of fan is a real-life example of obtuse angles.

Real life examples of obtuse angles


Another example of obtuse angles is windmills. See an image:

example of obtuse angles

Obtuse angle in polygons

Here is given below an image, which is a hexagon image. in hexagon, all angles are obtuse angles.

Obtuse angle in polygons

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