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Solid Geometry – 3D Shapes


Anything that occupies space and has 3-dimensional shapes. The 3-dimensional shapes have width, breadth, and height.  These are called 3-dimensional shapes or 3-D shapes.

Parts of a Solid

1. Face

The surface of a solid is called the face of the solid. Solids can have a flat surface or a curved surface.

2. Edge

Two adjacent faces of a solid meet upon a line segment. This is called the edge of the solid.

3. Vertex

The point at which the three edges of a solid meet is called its vertex.

list of solid shapes

Here are the list of solid shapes, which is given below:

1. Cuboid Shape

Cuboid solid

2.Cube Shape

Cube Shape

3. Sphere

The sphere has 1 face. There are no edges and vertices.


4. Cylinder shape

cylinder shape

5. Cone Shape

Cone Shape

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