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Solid Geometry – 3D Shapes

What are 3D Shapes?

3D shapes, also known as three-dimensional shapes, are geometric figures that have three dimensions: length, width, and height. These shapes are also referred to as solid figures.
Some common examples of 3D shapes include

  • cubes,
  • spheres,
  • cylinders,
  • cones,
  • pyramids,
  • and rectangular prisms.

Each of these shapes has its unique features, such as the number of faces, vertices, and edges, which help to identify and distinguish them from one another.

Features of Solid Or  3D shapes

1. Face

The surface of a solid is called the face of the solid. Solids can have a flat surface or a curved surface.

2. Edge

Two adjacent faces of a solid meet upon a line segment. This is called the edge of the solid.

3. Vertex

The point at which the three edges of a solid meet is called its vertex.

Types of 3D Shapes

There are many types of 3D shapes, including:

1. Polyhedrons: These are solid shapes with flat faces and straight edges. Some examples of polyhedrons include cubes, tetrahedrons, dodecahedrons, and icosahedrons.

2. Spheres: These are three-dimensional objects with curved surfaces and a constant radius. A sphere is a set of all points in three-dimensional space that are equidistant from a given point called the center.

3. Cylinders: These are 3D shapes with two circular bases that are parallel to each other and connected by a curved surface. Examples of cylinders include cans, tubes, and barrels.

4. Cones: These are 3D shapes that have a circular base and a curved surface that tapers to a point called the apex. Examples of cones include traffic cones, party hats, and ice cream cones.

5. Pyramids: These are 3D shapes with a polygonal base and triangular faces that meet at a point called the apex. Examples of pyramids include the Great Pyramid of Giza, which has a square base, and the Luxor Hotel pyramid in Las Vegas, which has a rectangular base.

Torus: This is a doughnut-shaped 3D object with a circular cross-section and a hole in the center. The torus can be created by rotating a circle around an axis that is coplanar with the circle.

List of solid shapes

Here is the list of solid shapes, which is given below:

1. Cuboid Shape

Cuboid solid

2.Cube Shape

Cube Shape

3. Sphere

The sphere has 1 face. There are no edges and vertices.


4. Cylinder shape

cylinder shape

5. Cone Shape

Cone Shape

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