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Surface Area of a Cuboid

Surface area of Cuboid

We know that surface of a cuboid consists of six rectangular faces.

The sum of the areas of six rectangular faces is called the surface area of the cuboid.

Surface Area of a Cuboid

Let the length, depth or breadth, and height(in cm) of a cuboid be l, b, and h respectively. Here are surface area of cuboid formula:

surface area of cuboid formula

Surface area of Cuboid Examples

Example1. Find the area of the cardboard require to make a closed box to length 12 cm, breadth 10 cm, and height 7 cm.

Solution: Here l = 12 cm, b=10 cm, h = 7 cm

As we know, surface area = 2(lb + bh + hl)12

= 2(12 x 10 + 10 x 7 + 7 x 12) cm2

= 2(120 + 70 + 84) cm2

= 2 x 274 cm2

= 548 cm2

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